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We connect East Side business owners to a wide network of resources

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Economic Development

We connect East Side business owners to a wide network of resources, including local lenders, private foundations, public funding, and public funding opportunities.  We also offer technical assistance to support the growth and success of businesses.

Lead Safe Minnesota

We are fully dedicated to ensuring safe and affordable housing for all residents on the East Side and beyond.  Our primary goal is to intervene and prevent childhood lead poisoning in Minnesota.  To achieve this, we offer a range of free services, including in-home lead assessments, blood lead testing, SWAB-lead-based paint encapsulation and stabilization for the interior of homes, out reach and education on the dangerous effect of lead-based paint hazards, as well free lead presentation.  Our commitment is to create a safer environment for everyone.

Biz Recycling

The East Side Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC) is partnering with BIZRecycling to inform 200 businesses on St. Paul’s East Side about waste reduction and recycling practices in the workplace. We are promoting BIZRecycling and increasing awareness of waste issues for member businesses. Outreach using free technical consultants from Minnesota Waste Wise we hope to create a positive change in trash hauling behaviors and increase recycling.

Thriving Conmunity

We strongly advocate for equitable investment in affordable and safe housing as well as businesses, recognizing that these elements are integral to the fullest growth and potential of our neighborhood.

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