ESNDC believes lead poisoning from lead-based paint should not harm a child at home.

Yet six of 40 Minnesota Census tracts designated as lead hot-spots are located within the East Side neighborhood.

In keeping with our mission of working for healthy families, thriving businesses, and affordable homes on Saint Paul’s East Side, ESNDC established Lead Safe Minnesota, a program that focuses on healthy and safe housing for homes and apartments.

With over 10 years of lead abatement experience, we have replaced windows in over 900 homes through our Lead Safe Minnesota program.

This program has a dual strategy of accessing public resources to replace lead windows in low-income communities, and to create the policy environment that will support such resources being available.

LeadSafe Minnesota keeps the older, affordable housing stock safe and accessible to low-income residents. Through intervention and prevention, ESNDC’s LeadSafe program is striving to solve the lead poisoning problem.

Go to Minnesota Department of Health to learn more about lead poisoning and steps to make your house a healthy home.