Feasibility Study:

Maryland Avenue and Arcade Street

The Urban Cooperative is envisioned to be an oasis in the city that will provide fresh wholesome food throughout the year. The facility can be a neighborhood gathering place where high quality food is produced on site for sale or distribution. It will provide opportunities for both children and adults to learn about urban farming, food production, economics, management, marketing and distribution. 

The facility is envisioned as a two story building with greenhouse, hydroponic and aquaculture farming taking place on the upper level. The lower level could support retail sales, packaging, distribution and other activities. 

A community kitchen component could add the ability to prepare food in a true “farm-to-table” method. The kitchen could also become a teaching kitchen or a ghost kitchen for local restaurateurs.

Feasibility Study Part 1

The goal of Ramsey County’s Corridor Revitalization Program is to revive important Countyowned transportation thoroughfares by providing grants to research, evaluate and plan for corridor improvements. The revitalization pilot program launched in 2019 awarded East Side Neighborhood Development Company (ESNDC) $25,000 to study the feasibility for redevelopment on Maryland Avenue at Arcade Street.

Feasibility Study Part 2

See detail design of the feasibility study.


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