ESNDC Business Owner Profile: Brunson’s Pub

Tom and Molly LaFleche were drawn to the old historic building on Payne Avenue that was once Schwietz’s Saloon. Molly grew up in the area and her family is friends with the Schwietz’s which gave them a personal connection to the building.  Not only was the property affordable, but it also had a patio and parking lot which Tom was hoping to find.  Standing in the doorway on their first visit, they imagined people coming together over great food and drinks in a neighborhood they love. They knew this building was meant to be the future “Brunson’s Pub.”



Business Name: Brunson’s Pub                         

Type of Business: Restaurant/Bar

Established: March 2017

As they worked to get the pub ready for business, Tom remembers how ESNDC played an important role in helping with the exterior signage.  “We were hoping someone could point us in the right direction for funding or grants. ESNDC connected us with architects and information on grant writing.  We had never written a grant before and ESNDC helped us with that, too,” Tom explains.  “ESNDC is a huge advocate for businesses and anytime we need anything we call and they have been available.”

In March 2017, Brunson’s opened and has quickly made a positive impact on the East Side with their hospitality and eclectic seasonal menus.   “The staff at ESNDC saves us a lot of time by knowing who to call and what to do when issues arise,” Tom said.  “I would describe ESNDC as helpful, friendly and connected. ESNDC has been a great partner and asset to the East Side.”

   Ribbon-cutting ceremony for Brunson’s Pub

Brunson’s Pub opened in March 2017 with help from ESNDC